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From the elegant and functional design, HERMES is characterized by the quality of its materials: solid wooden legs turned cherry wood, wood and steel structure. Steel is laser processed to obtain an accurate finish. The tripod-shaped legs h 60, made in solid wood in elliptical-shape, of thickness 80 mm, painted in cherry color. In the lower part is inserted a metallic tube in grey alluminium color. The structure is made in metal thickness 5 mm in grey alluminium color. It is formed by a bracket which with a leap join together the tripod-shaped leg and the desktop with a cross-beam made in metal sheet holed 30 mm thick, height 80 mm in grey alluminium color.

Tops and Finishes

The sinuously rounded tops are available in crystal glass or in veneer. Furnishings are completed with cupboards and meeting tables coordinated. The tops are made in MDF 30 mm thick, veneered american cherry in the outer part and plated raw in the inner one. The painted top has four colored inlay works on sides, the edge in the inner part framed in color 20/10, on the four sides is coated.

It is possible to choose between two versions of color finishes:

  • Cherry;
  • Satin glass.


Structure: wooden chipboard panel in melamine 18 mm thick, in class E1 (it also includes the back panel). The finish of the structure is in cherry color. Front panels of the drawers: cherry veneer as the tops, with perimeter veneered edge 1 mm thick in color. Finishing top in cherry veneer as the tops. Inner part of the drawers: made of PVC, thickness 12 mm. Finish color: black. Hardware: standard closing and simultaneous “self closing”, metallic runners for drawers and equipped with castors; movable drawers with double castors diameter 50 mm with steel bearing support; drawers fixed with ABS feet.


The structure is in wooden chipboard panel in melamine, thickness 18mm, in class E1. Finish in grey alluminium color. Equipped with molded adjustable feet h 90 mm in alluminium color. The structure is always with side coverings and finishing top in veneer of cherry color. The compositions are of L190 – L282 to 100h or 200h. Shelves: wooden chipboard panel in melamine, thickness 22 mm, in class E1 (low formaldehyde emission). Finish color: grey alluminium. The shelves are adjustable in height – size 32 mm. It is also possible to have metallic shelves so as the doors thickness 18 mm. The doors, can also be in Satin glass thickness 4 mm with alluminium frame.


Quality Arcadia

The doors are provided with hinges “SALICE at triple regulation” which guarantees openings up to 120.000 loops.
The doors can be also provided with locks with pull-out cylinder. These cylinders allow to have both different codings (1500 possible numbers) and the same number. The possible change of the lock might occur by just replacing the single cylinder (even whith an assembled cupboard with a simple key included).

Choose for your office the made in Italy elegance and the quality and robustness of Arcadia furniture.


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