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The metallic structure of the desks Kinesis, particularly refined, has a CYLINDER CONE-SHAPE. The special mechanism that composes it allows both the ability to rotate of 28° and also the ability to stay in line with the floor. This gives the possibility to the desk to change shape and aesthetics in a very easy way and without adding costs.
The ducted beam is an option made with chrome wire, this can be fixed by applying it to the left rod accessories, or you can slide it if mounted on telescopic runners.


Stability of the structure

The desk’s legs are always linked to each other thanks to the cylindrical telescopic beams. This allows various solutions and combinations, making the product particularly stable. The connection leg-beam occurs plug, made more stable by fixing screws for a very solid structure.
The legs may be equipped with telescopic guides which allow the sliding of the working top. This feature allows the operator to have easy access to the cable duct, under the top (cable duct and phone/electrical sockets, etc).

The legs of the desks, as well as having the standard depth of 60 cm and 80 cm, were also made with special depth of 125 cm and 165 cm. The special depths, in the case of call-centers, avoid double structures and then allow costs optimization improving competitiveness.


The worktops Kinesis are in melamine 18 mm thick with ABS rounded edges 2 mm thick. The panels are coated on both sides with melaminic paper scratch-resistant and anti-glare. The materials used are classified E1 for their low formaldehyde emissions. The glass tops are 10 mm thick are refined in polished edges on four sides and are painted on the lower part, in Prune color or on demand with other RAL colors.

Drawers and libraries

Metallic drawers:
The metallic drawers are equipped with metallic drawers or classifiers. The structure and its assembly details are made of metal coated with atoxic epoxy powders in alluminium grey or white color. The drawers are standard with lock and anti-overturning system.

Bearing drawers:
The structure and the front panels of the drawers are made in melamine 18 mm thick, with rounded edges in ABS thickness 2 mm; they are coated on both sides with melaminic paper scratch-resistant and anti-glare. The panels are classified E1 for their low formaldehyde emissions. The drawers are made of metal painted in grey color with atoxic epoxy powders.

The structure of the library is made in melamine thickness 18 mm, with rounded edges in ABS 2 mm; the backs of the libraries are made with panels of 14 mm thick. The panels used are coated with melaminic paper on both sides with features scratch-resistant and anti-glare. The structures and the backs are only in grey alluminium color. The material used is classified E1 for their low formaldehyde emissions.

Quality Arcadia

The doors are provided with hinges “SALICE at triple regulation” which guarantees openings up to 120.000 loops. The doors can be also provided with multiple locks (with pull-out cylinder) anti-overturning and soft system.. The cylinders of the multiple locks allow to have both different codings (1500 possible numbers) and the same number. The possible change of the lock might occur by just replacing the single cylinder (even whith an assembled cupboard with a simple key included). The locks’ system Arcadia considers the possibility of the passepartout key.


Choose for your office the made in Italy elegance and the quality and robustness of Arcadia furniture.


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