Documentazione tecnica

Libreria Compis con struttura nera

Metallic structure

The Compis bookcase has an essential structure which rests against the wall, leaving a space between the wall and the shelf. The bookcase is composed of uprights and beam pieces in pickled steel tubular produced according to EN 10305-5/5, with square section 25x25x1.5 mm, equipped with adjustable feet. With a single height (1915 mm) and a single depth (325 mm), the bookcase is modular at will thanks to its two shelf widths (460 mm or 930 mm), which are installed directly on the sides, without tools aid.


Metallic shelves are made of pickled 15/10 thick bent steel sheet type DC01 UNI EN 10130, they are adjustable with a 6.5 cm width. for a maximum of 8 shelves per module. Metallic shelves can be replaced with melamine shelves 18 mm thick, made of panels of thickness 18 mm in E1 class (low formaldehyde emission) covered with melamine paper on two sides with scratch-resistant features.

Metallic boxes

Shelves can be replaced with metal boxes, a flexible product which allows choice of creating different configurations. Boxes can be left open for a greater capacity and equipped with a shelf for the division of contents or finished with a door in melamine with a thickness of 18 mm.

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