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Reception KWS

The reception Wall System is made by integrating the partitions KWS, which take advantage of the modularity and versatility of the Wall System series.
Versatile for the capability to combine both lacquered glass modules and melaminic modules, giving a wide range of possibilities for customization, to be matched to all the office furniture series of Arcadia.

Reception Compact

The reception Compact is in accordance with the basis of the operative line Compact: efficiency, ergonomics without sacrificing elegance and design. Obviously the reception Compact can be integrated with all the series of the KWS system, also with the Kristal partition and can be customized in shapes, sizes and colors as well as in the wood finishes; to be matched to the desks and workstations of the Kinesis series.
The reception Compact can be made with top-reception back-lighted with LED lights.


Reception Flexi

The reception Flexi combines elegance, efficiency and design of the partitions Flexi Open in a reception with a high visual impact. The functional answer to the demands of space optimization, also thanks to its curved and engornomic panels. Flexi can house within its program the different solutions available in the Compact series, which is why it is a system so innovative and so flexible.

The reception Flexi combines different materials, such as clear glass for the reception’s tops, the workstations of the Compact series in melamine and legs and profiles of the structure in alluminium. Versatility and customization make the reception Flexi the best answer to every needs.

Choose for your office the made in Italy elegance and the quality and robustness of Arcadia furniture.


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