Documentazione tecnica


The development of partitions technology has changed the look of work spaces, the idea of ​​the traditional office consisting of separate units by fixed screens, is replaced by Smart Office.

Open Space takes the place of the rigid structure of the classical office. Key features are the flexibility and ergonomics of partition systems, which allow adaptation to changes in the professional environment.

For this new way of living the workplace, Arcadia has created LIGHT CONCEPT.

A new way of conceiving the work space, designed to integrate the lightness of movement with the ease of use that characterize Rolling Wall, with the solidity and transparency of the Kristal glass partition.

The result of this integration is the Rolling Glass, the ultimate glazed movable partition that Arcadia has developed to give voice to today’s tendency of dematerializing partitions and reducing their thickness, ensuring privacy and diffusion of natural light.

Glass, synonymous with clarity and free circulation of ideas, is essential to foster the right relationship between natural and artificial light by choosing materials that are not harmful to health, ensuring proper ventilation and acoustic insulation of environments to prevent stress situations.

Kristal Twin

Kristal Twin represents the transparency, characterized by unmistakable design and high technological content. The double glazed profile for doors and partitions guarantees high sound absorbing performance with both melamine panels and laminated glass sheets.



Rolling Wall

The movable partition Rolling Wall allows to create spaces with several dimensions. It can be used anywhere, from office to branches such as hotel, horeca and furniture for gyms and centers for the disabled. Its principles are: smoothness, durability, soundproofing.