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The 3E Arcadia

The Flexi Open, can contain in its program all the different solutions of the Compact series; for this Flexi can be called an innovative and flexible system. Cornerstone of this series is the 3E Arcadia:
Elegance, Ergonomics, Efficiency. It represents the cohesion between the partitions and the furnitures of the office in motion.

Its tops are made in wooden chipboard panel in melamine, thickness 30 mm, in class E1 (low emission of formaldehyde), scratch-resistant and anti-glare finishes, outer edge in ABS material, thickness 3mm. Flexi Open is the functional answer to the need of space optimization. It is ideal to realize Open Spaces, Call Centers, Front Desks, Dealing-rooms and Reception.


Magnetic lock

In the Flexi Open doors, it is possible to have the magnetic lock. In the inner part it has been removed the internal and external gears of closing allowing to achieve greater smoothness and quietness during the opening and closing of the door, but it allowed also to operate on the product design by becoming the lock an integral element of the door itself.


The canalized beam, which represents the structure of the partition is telescopic so as to avoid the central leg. The beam is suitable for the hooking of the case-holder, that can be also hooked at every desk. The structure is in metal and particularly finished, in fact, all the components are made with a mould thus obtaining the maximum finish.

The base is complete with an adjustable feet while the vertical beam, where the cables run, is provided with a removable bossed carter. The cables can be supported by particular hooks. The carter reproduces the brand Arcadia, moreover, the carter is removable and thus it gives the possibility of shaping a central leg where the beams are joined together.


Uniform finishes, Flexi allows to use the same finishes and colors of the partitions Arcadia even those of the Rolling Wall:

  • Beech;
  • Oak;
  • Larch String;
  • Pearl Grey;
  • Cherry York;
  • Oak 81R;
  • Elm WR3;
  • Elm 81R;
  • White;
  • Magnolia Camelia;

Available also the version whit galls of 5mm thick, in translucent colors, methacrylates and wooden or fabric cladding. The metallic details of the partition are painted with atoxic epoxy powders in grey aluminum color.

Choose for your office the made in Italy elegance and the quality and robustness of Arcadia furniture.


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