Documentazione tecnica


Binarium is a place designed for innovation, cooperation and creativity. It provides digital companies and startups the right environment for their success. Located in a walking distance from the country’s largest student campus, it has the potential of attracting talents, next generation of leaders and professionals from the tech industry.

Binarium chose Arcadia to realize its partitions. The Kristal 5 behind careful design, care of aesthetics and functionality, is the ideal solution for creating innovative and creative environments that fit the vision of Binarium. 


Kristal 5 is a glazed monolithic partition, costum-made, each realization is followed and calculated for the best aesthetic and acoustic realization.

K5 is certified for the acoustic insulation till 38dB according to the nornm UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010 and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013 on glazed partition. Its solid structure has also enabled the certification of impact resistance with hard and soft body according to norm UNI 8201:1981, the excellence for safety in offices.

The partition could be supplied with transparent and frosted glass and it is also possible to costumize it thanks to colored PVB on glasses, lacquering RAL or by the application of adhesive films.