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The reception area has undergone transformations that have led it to be articulated in a multifunctional space whose role does not end with the reception of visitors, but develops as a meeting place, service and productivity. A space with a double use one of image and one operative.
The image function is to convey the values ​​and corporate identity through furniture specially-made. Each reception belongs to a specific context, and expresses the maximum uniqueness. The goal is to create reception environments able to communicate the company’s values ​​through the use of corporate colors, brand images, with clear signage and waiting areas able to handle more people.

Evolution has seen the reception area strengthen its operations and become an integral part of the company’s activities. The receptions have played for years a passive role of interconnection between the company and its visitors. These environments, often under-used before, have undergone transformations forcing a change both in terms of design, both in the construction. Today, reception areas, are real business departments including logistics, hospitality and the informal meeting.
Here our solutions for the reception areas.

our reception area

Reception Compact:  Reception in White color with top-reception back lighted with LED lights.
In the background double glazed partition Kristal Twin equipped with LED light system with chromatic remote control costumized with PVB films.
On the PVB films there is a planisphere, in green color the states where Arcadia operates.




The reception Wall System is released thanks to the integration of the KWS partitions, which take advantages from the modularity and verasatility of the Wall System series. Versatile for the ability to be able to combine both lacquered glass modules that blinded melamine modules.





The reception Flexi join elegance, efficiency and design to the Flexi Open partitions in a reception at high visual impact. The functional answer to the needs of spaces optimization, thanks to its curved and ergonomic panels.





The reception Compact  is released following the basis of the operative line Compact. It could be integrated with all the partitions Arcadia, even with glazed partitions.
Costumizable in shapes, dimensions and colors.